21" Adjustable Car Seat Belt for Dog and Cat - Black

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  • Brand: Trimming Shop
  • Type: Dog and Cat Seat Belt
  • Colour:
    • Strap Colour: Black
    • Swivel Clasp and Clip Colour: Silver
  • Size:
    • Belt Length: 21" / 54cm (approx.)
    • Belt Width: 1" / 2.5cm (approx.)
    • Swivel clasp Length: 2.5" / 6.4cm (approx.)
    • Length of the clip buckle: 2.3"  / 5.8cm (approx.)
    • With of the clip buckle: 0.8 " / 2cm (approx.)
  • Material:
    • Strap Material: Nylon
    • Swivel Clasp Material: Stainless Steel
    • Clip Material: Metal
  • Uses:  Ideally used for Cat and Dog While Travelling in Car
  • Our safety headrest seat belt for dogs is made of threaded nylon and clips into your current seat belt buckle clip easily secure your dog and cat. 
  • Latch one end of your strap to your dog collar and then the other end clips into your belt buckle.
  • Adjust the belt in length to meet your pet’s height and tether your dog and cat.
  • Tangle free nylon strap quickly and easily attaches to seat-belt buckle and re-tractors. The Strap can be removed easily.
  • It will be the best safety equipment while you’re travelling along with your dog and cat.

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