Precision Stainless Steel Calibration Weights Set for Digital Pocket Scales Measurements

CraftshoplodonSKU: CAL-WGH-5PCS-100G

Size: 5pcs - Total 105g



  • Material: Nickel-Plated steel
  • Colour: Silver


  • These calibration weights are constructed from heavy-duty steel with a mirror-polished nickel-plated surface. This makes them rust-proof and extremely durable for long-term usage
  • Perfect for commercial, industrial, lab, or educational calibration purposes to ensure the most consistent weight readings on many digital scales
  • These Nickel-Plated Calibration Weights are perfect for ensuring your scales are as accurate and precise as possible and are ideal for personal and professional use
  • These pocket-sized weights are compact, making them easily portable and convenient to use

Package Contain:

  • 5pcs (Total 38g) - 1 x 1g, 1 x 2g, 1 x 5g, 1 x 10g, 1 x 20g, 1 x Tweezer
  • 5pcs (Total 105g) - 1 x 50g, 2 x 20g, 1 x 10g, 1 x 5g, 1 x Tweezer
  • 6pcs (Total 205g) - 1 x 100g, 1 x 50g, 2 x 20g, 1 x 10g, 1 x 5g, 1 x Tweezer
  • 7pcs (Total 500g) - 1 x 200g, 2 x 100g, 1 x 50g, 2 x 20g, 1 x 10g

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