Round Stainless Steel Precision Calibration Weight for Digital Pocket Scale Capsule Measurements

CraftshoplodonSKU: CAL-WGH-19PCS-500G

Size: 500g
Pack of: 19pcs



  • Brand: Trimming Shop
  • Type: Calibration Weight Scale
  • Material: Iron & Steel Metal with Nickel Plating
  • Colour: Silver
  • Size:
       100g - 22mm x 39mm (2.2cm x 3.9cm) Diameter x Height
       200g - 28mm x 46mm (2.8cm x 4.6cm) Diameter x Height
       500g - 38mm x 63mm (3.8cm x 6.3cm) Diameter x Height
  • Weight Available: 100g, 200g, 500g
  • Use: Weighing Unit for Digital Pocket Scale
  • Package Include: 1 Selected Weight Scale Unit


Nickle plated steel calibration weights set are ideal in use for mini scales or digital scales. They are designed with high precision and have a permissible error of +/-0.003g. The exterior of these pocket scales are nickel-plated which showcases rust and defect-free features.

In the past, weighing needed proper measurement. Pocket digital scales rose out of the need for a measuring device that was portable, yet durable enough and easy to carry anywhere helping to weigh a variety of objects and substances.

Pocket digital scales are used to measure precious metals and gems, ingredients for cooking, capsule cap or powders, etc.

Press "ZERO" or "TARE" button after the unit is powered on, to zero out the scale. This will clear any current data.

How to Use: Place a calibration weight on the scale. The display will indicate when the scale is ready to calibrate. Again different scales will have different indicators. Manually enters the calibration weight's mass into the scale.

They are designed to re-calibrate your scales but can be used simply to check the performance and accuracy of your scale. Ideal for commercial, industrial, lab, or educational calibration purposes to ensure the most consistent weight readings on many digital scales.

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