3D Sleep Eye Mask Black Double Sleep Aid, Shade Cover, Blindfold for Travel & Rest - Travel Accessory

CraftshoplodonSKU: EM-BLK-1

Qty: 1pc



  • Brand: Trimming Shop
  • Type: Eye Mask
  • Size: 22cm X 8cm (W x L)
  • Material: Foam, Knitted Fabric and Elastic
  • Uses: Widely Used in Travel Kits for Rest and Sleep


Black colour eye mask come with embossed eyes and nose structure that helps providing sound sleep with sweet dreams.

Made of breathable foam material to help passing air through mask; covered with knitted fabric from both side that is perfectly folded and stitched.

Lightweight, washable and easy to carry anywhere in bags, travel kit or purses.

Pre-fixed elastic band helps to fit onto all head size with ease providing comfort and soothing temperature to your eyes. Best usage for night or overtime workers for a quick power nap.

Use these as a perfect sleep accessory for your travel or business needs. Can be regularly used for daily peaceful sleep without any dizzy lights pass by.

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