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CraftshoplodonSKU: LS-WD-1

Pack of: 50pcs
Select: Plain



  • Brand: Trimming Shop
  • Type: Lolly Sticks
  • Colour: Plain, Mix
  • Material: Wood
  • Colour in Plain: Wood
  • Colour in Wood: Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, Blue and Purple
  • Size: 150mm x 18mm (L x W)
  • Thickness: 1.6mm


Our Lolly sticks are made from natural raw wood and have smooth surface & rounded edges devoid of any splinters.

These sticks can be used in a variety of art and craft projects by children as well as adults

The unique design and texture of the lolly stick make them ideal for building small structures & designs.

These lightweight lollipop sticks are perfect for handmade decorations as well. They can be attached to any surface using glue, adhesive stick or tape.

lolly sticks can be used to make beautiful and creative items such as wall frames, pen holders, miniature models, etc.

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