4m Gym Ribbon Stick Gymnastic Streamer Twirling Rod Rhythmic Ballet Dance

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  • Brand: Trimming Shop
  • Type: Dance Ribbons 
  • Ribbon Material: Silk
  • Stick Material: Fibre-Reinforced Plastic Handle
  • Dimension of Ribbons:
    • Ribbon Width (approx.): 4.5 cm (1.77 Inch)
    • Ribbon Length (approx.): 4m (405cm) (157.50 Inch)
    • Stick Length:(approx.): 49.5cm (19.48 Inch)
  • Color Available: Multicolour, Rainbow, Purple, Rose Pink, Hot Pink, Royal Blue, Yellow, Green, Red, Orange
  • Features: Light Weight, Smooth And Soft
  • Applications: Baton Twirling, Gymnastic, Training Equipment’s, Circus Skills, Dancing Exercises, Exercise Color Guard, Marching Band

These 4m silk gymnastic ribbons are light weight, smooth and soft comes with a long stick for making more variety movements or rhythms with the ribbon flying in the air beautifully.

By these Chinese wands kids become energetic to dance. Using these dancing streamers make kids energetic, enabling them to participate in different kinds of dance.

The child-friendly wood wand makes it easy to control when running, jumping, twirling and dancing.

The ribbons have bright shiny colors and don't fade easily. It looks beautiful and eye-catching when flying in the air.

A unique gift for kids and can also be used for decorations, cosplays, plays or other creative uses or spark creativity and offer them an alternative to traditional toys.

A great way to be active in everyday play by such activities like baton twirling, gymnastic, training equipment, Chinese dance, oriental dance, circus skill, exercise, fun activities.

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