5pcs S Shape Carabiner Keyring Clip - Double Sided Snap Hook

CraftshoplondonSKU: B1069-5

Color: Orange


The S-shaped small carabiner key ring is compact and lightweight. Smooth and shiny surface. 

S carabiner is designed to be easy to use, and quickly connect or separate items. 

It can effectively attach the backpack with items that need to be hung. Attach this carabiner with your keys, backpack, or any other fix-point. 

The carabiner package includes 5-piece locking carabiner buckle double clip hook. 
The carabiner clip has a size of 5cm x 2.3cm. Small size, easy to carry. Suitable for outdoor usage.

No need to worry about rain or water. Provide a secure hold for attaching objects. Made of aluminium material. 

 The innovative 'S' design of this carabiner offers exceptional versatility and functionality. 

Two buckle openings allow for the secure attachment of multiple items simultaneously. On one end, you can clamp valuables such as keys and then fix the other end to a backpack, belt loop, or backpack.

This versatile carabiner provides a practical and efficient solution for organizing and securing your essentials

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