9.5mm PRYM Snap Poppers Ring Press Press Studs With Fixing Plier For DIY Craft Project, Custom Clothing

CraftshoplondonSKU: PRYM-SNP-POP-9.5MM-SIL-10

Select: Only Snap Popper
Pack of: 10 Sets



  • Popper Material: Brass
  • Popper Size: 9.5mm
  • Popper Color: Sliver
  • Plier Material: Metal

  Part of Snap Poppers:

  • 1 x Female Part
  • 1 x Male Part
  • 2 x Prong Part

  Pack Contains:

  Only Snap Popper

  • 10 Set (40pcs) 
  • 20 Set (80pcs) 
  • 50 Set (200pcs) 
  • 100 Set (400pcs)
  • 500 Set (2000pcs)
  • 1000 Set (4000pcs)

  Snap Popper with Plier

  • 10 Set (40pcs) + Plier 1pc
  • 20 Set (80pcs) + Plier 1pc
  • 50 Set (200pcs) + Plier 1pc
  • 100 Set (400pcs) + Plier 1pc


  • 4 Part Snap Poppers: These four-part snap poppers consists 2 x prong rings 1 x male part and 1 x female part. These snap fastener poppers have a size of 9.5mm and it will comes in a silver colour
  • Plier Tool: The plier tool is perfect for fixing 9.5mm snap poppers. Use this plier to install snaps by placing the halves of the snaps in the plier bracket and then gently squeeze them together
  • Material: These poppers are made of durable brass material which makes it rust proof and durable. The plier tool is made of durable and robust Iron and are very long-lasting
  • Uses: These snap fasteners can be used for DIY arts crafts, shirts, kids wear, baby bib, baby clothes, small pouches etc. Please note pack contain 10pcs 4 part snap poppers with fixing plier tool

  Please note: These are Prym Industrial snap fasteners and the rings will be loose when used with the Prym vario pliers. This can only be used on our generic pliers, hand tool or our Kam Snap Green Machines which is sold in our store

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