DYLON Fabric & Clothes Dye Washing Machine Dye Pod 350g Powder Shades


Colour: Emerald Green



  • Type: Dylon Machine Dye Pod
  • 1 POD Contain: 350g Powder
  • Qty: 1 Pod


  • Ready-to-use Fabric Machine Dyes is easier to use than ever
  • Its all-in-1 formula can revive or change the colour of your clothes and soft furnishings in the washing machine
  • Easy, colorful results – Just place them into the drum of your machine!
  • Ideal for reviving faded jeans, coloring towels, bed Sheets, Fabric, shirts, and much more
  • Box contains 350g machine dye
  • This fabric dye pod is completely safe for your washing machine and 1 pod can dye up to 600g of fabric for the full shade effect
  • DYLON Fabric Dyes are the easy way to add colour to your home and wardrobe
  • Suitable for cotton, linen & viscose
  • Mixes with synthetics will dye to lighter shades (pure synthetics will not dye)
  • Item does not have an expiry date, rather date mentioned on the product is the manufacturer date
  • This colour is also available in Hand Dye
  • Use with Pre-Dye if you want to change from one strong colour to another or if you want to achieve a lighter colour

How to Use:

  • Remove the POD's Outer Sleeve, Put the damp fabric into the machine drum, Peel off the lid of the pod & put the DYLON colour pod on top of that fabric
  • Run a full cycle at either 30° to 40°
  • Once the first cycle has finished then run another cycle at either 30° or 40° with the normal detergent
  • Recommended to run a 3rd Cycle with washing machine empty adding just your normal detergent to ensure all dye is clear from the washing machine

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