Leather Nylon Hammer Wooden Handle Carving Mallet For Leather Craft DIY Tool

CraftshoplondonSKU: KIT019

Design: Single Head



  • Hammer Material: Nylon
  • Handle Material: Wood
  • Size:
    • Single Head:
      • Overall Length: 210mm/8.3"
      • Head Length: 58mm/2.3"
      • Head Width: 50mm/2"
    • Double Head:
      • Overall Length: 210mm/8.3"
      • Head Length: 50mm/2"
      • Head Width: 80mm/3.1"


  • Leathercraft Hammer:This beautifully made leather mallet will take your leather crafting to the next level. Its synthetic nylon head absorbs the shock and transfers it back down to the tool so that more pressure is applied to the leather. The nylon head also means your tool will not get damaged and will withstand heavy use
  • Single & Double Head: Choose between a single or double head. The single head/straight head is lighter to use and therefore can be used for prolonged periods of time. It can be used for more delicate leather work such as stamping. The double head/T head hammer is heavier and can therefore be used for leather carving or hole punching
  • Materials:The hammer is made from synthetic nylon and the handle is made from a high-quality smooth wood that makes the mallet incredibly comfortable to use. Both parts are connected and held in place by stainless steel, which combine to make this tool super strong and durable
  • Suitable For: This leather hammer can be used with stamps, hole punches and chisels for leather stamping, engraving, carving and cutting. Ideal for professionals and amateurs thanks to its superior quality

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