Leather Sewing & Craft Supplies Tools Kit For Leather Working, Hand Sewing Cutting

CraftshoplondonSKU: KIT013

Sets: 15pcs



  • 15pcs Tools Set:
    • Pack Dimension: 25cm x 32cm x 3cm
    • Pack Weight: 646g
    • Qty: 1 Set (15pcs)
  • 95pcs Tool Set:
    • Pack Dimension: 27cm x 33cm x 3cm
    • Pack Weight: 711g
    • Qty: 1 Set (95pcs)
  • 96pcs Tool Set:
    • Pack Dimension: 25cm x 32cm x 3cm
    • Pack Weight: 656g
    • Qty: 1 Set (96pcs)
  • 101pcs Tool Set:
    • Pack Dimension: 25cm x 37cm x 3cm
    • Pack Weight: 1kg
    • Qty: 1 Set (101pcs)


  • This kit contains all basic tools for hand stitching and hand sewing
  • Practical and basic crafting tools
  • Good for beginners or professional adults
  • Using carving pen is great for precise cutting with accuracy for cardboard, trimming paper, wallpaper, plastic, foil, wood, cloth, etc.
  • Multi-functional kit with different function, specially used for leather sewing and stitching
  • The color of the square ruler is yellow and black, which can be used on both dark and light color cloths
  • The Rotary Cutter is equipped with safety lock button, please lock the button (put the blade in) in order to ensure safety
  • With the help of this mixed sewing tools set, you can sew different leather, fabric, denim, canvas or tarpaulin
  • This multi-purpose A4 cutting mat provides protection for your work surface when using sharp blades and cutting tools
  • The crafting pen comes with 5 refill blades and can be used for precision cutting, crafting, scoring, paper trimming and other arty hobbies.
  • To complete this kit, we’re including 50x sewing pins and 30x sewing clips. They hold your fabric firmly in place and are ideal for the sewing process, arts & crafts, DIY projects and making clothes. These sewing pins and clips are small parts, so please keep away from children

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