Men's Satin Polyester Neck Tie Handkerchief Pocket Square Set Men’s Fashion Accessory

CraftshoplodonSKU: C_TIE-HK-BLK

Colour: Black



  • Brand: Trimming Shop
  • Product Type: Neck Tie Handkerchief set 
  • Material: Satin
  • Size: 
    • Neck Tie: Length 58 Inch (145cm)
    • Width 2 Inch (3cm)
    • Handkerchief: Length 9 Inch (23cm)
    • Wide 9 Inch(23cm)
  • Features: Smooth Soft Fabric, Washable

We provide excellent quality Satin Neck Tie and handkarchief that comes in various colour as per your selection, to provide stylish and elegant look. These can be used for any Wedding & Party Favourite Men’s Fashion Accessory and perfect for Tuxedo, Waist coats, 3-piece Suits, Blazers and much more.

Handkarchief Satin Polyester material to give smooth and glossy texture. They are folded and hemmed to give finished edges. Pocket square is meant to add more elegance and style to a gentleman's look, but to achieve that, it must be worn properly.

Necktie handkarchief set is basically a long piece of cloth that are worn usually by men, for decorative purposes around the neck.

Necktie is widely use them tying your favourite knots like four-in-one hand knot, Half Windsor Knot, Windsor knot, Shelby Knot, Bow Tie Knot, etc.

Handkarchief Pocket Fold like Presidential Pocket Square, Classic Pocket Square, Puff Pocket Square, Reverse Puff Pocket Square, Single Peak Pocket Square, Two Peaks Pocket Square, Three Peaks Pocket Square, Four Peaks Pocket Square, Winged Peak Pocket Square, Angled Peaks Pocket Square, Rose Pocket Square, Stairs Pocket Square.

These ties are very trendy for any Parties, Wedding Outfits, formal wear, Graduation Ceremony, Engagement, Annual Meeting, Banquet events, Dinner or can be used for Uniforms too.

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