Natural Peacock Feathers Real Loose Peacock Feather for Decoration, DIY Art & Craft

CraftshoplondonSKU: PC-FTH-S-25

Size: Small
Pack of: 25pcs



  • Brand: Trimming Shop
  • Type: Natural Feather
  • Colour: Multi
  • Sizes
  • Small: 25cm - 30cm (10 Inches to 12 Inches)
  • Medium: 40cm - 45cm (15 Inches to 18 Inches)
  • Large: 70cm - 80cm (27 Inches to 31 Inches)


These are real peacock tail feathers that are stemmed to a length of small, medium and large you can choose as per your choices.

These peacock feathers have a natural eye-catching colour combination that is associated with peacocks.

Peacock feathers are widely used for decorating homes and offices. They can be placed in a vase or attached to a wall piece to create a fine piece of wall decoration.

They are also used for making and decorating headbands, hat trims, hair clips, shoe clips, floral arrangements, home décor, jewellery making and many more.

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