Pet Collars for Dogs or Cats, Rhinestone Diamante Neck Accessory for Proper Gripping

CraftshoplodonSKU: DG-CL-PRP-S

Colour: Purple
Size: Small



  • Type: Cat and Dog Collar
  • Size:
    • Small: 32cm (8" - 11" Length)
    • Medium: 37cm (10" - 13" Length)
    • Large: 45cm (13" - 16" Length)
  • Material: Faux Leather with Fake Rhinestone
  • Available Colours: Brown, Red, Beige, Purple, Rose Pink, Royal Blue, Baby Pink, Black, Light Blue, White
  • Use: Leads, Collars, Leashes for Dogs, Cats



Strong-hold, rhinestone belts are perfect neck accessory for your loving pets. It is a strip that goes around the neck area and can be attached to leashes for a walk. Although these are for fashion purpose.

Pet collar comes with diamante rows of faux diamonds to provide the fancy look, leather belt for durable-grip and jewelled single-bar buckle for smooth fit. They are waterproof and good for all weather conditions. It comes in a variety of colour shades so that every pup will be able to find their favourite.

We provide flat neck collars that are choke-resistive and hassle-free for your pets. But you can also find a different type of collars in the market as per their use like Break-away collars, Safety stretch collars, Stud collars, Reflective collars, flotation collar, Flea collars, Elizabethan collars and many more.

Ideally used to control, breed’s Identification, fashion, ID tags and medical information, teaching pets about directions. the dog collar is studded with rounded crystals.

You can also use them as neck jewel for dogs like Labrador, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Husky, Doberman, Poodle, etc. They can also fit many Cats breeds like Birman, British Shorthair, British Longhair, Chantilly-Tiffany, etc.

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