PU Leather Men's Wide Waist Belt With Silver Pin Buckle, 20mm Skinny Adjustable Waistband for Jeans, Trouser, Fashion Accessory

CraftshoplodonSKU: BL-1054-S

Size: S - (28" - 33")



  • Belt Material: PU Leather
  • Buckle Material: Metal
  • Belt Colour: Black
  • Buckle Colour: Silver
  • Buckle Design: Pin type


  • Width of Belt: 2cm
  • Small Size: 28" - 33" (Total Length: 38")
  • Medium Size: 31" - 36" (Total Length: 41")
  • Large Size: 33" - 38" (Total Length: 43")
  • Extra Large Size: 35" - 40" (Total Length: 45")


  • This waist band is made from high-quality PU Leather material
  • This is a glamorous accessory to enhance your waist line
  • This adjustable waist belt is an affordable, easy-to-wear and fun addition to your wardrobe
  • These can be worn by men alike to create an impeccable style statement with added comfort and opulent colour with pin-type buckle.
  • The pin type buckle adds a classic and opulent look to the belt and makes it a perfect fashion accessory to wear jeans or trousers for special occasions
  • This waist belt is intended as an accessory that brings a bit of contrast and attention to your outfit
  • It brings an elegant touch to a well-crafted ensemble, acting as a symbol of confidence in one's style, displayed for the world to see
  • This belt is a perfect wear for any occasion. Whether you are dressing up for a wedding party, bachelor, or a simple dance party, our belt can be the perfect way to complete your look
  • This waistband provide a stunning and luxurious look, perfect if you want a style that draws attention to it

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