YKK Open End Nylon Black Zipper Medium Weight For Jackets, Cardigans Bag

YKKSKU: YKK-0845632-580-36CM

Size: 14" / 36cm



  • Material: Nylon
  • Color: Black
  • Tooth Width: 5mm
  • Length: 14" / 36cm, 18" / 46cm, 22" / 56cm, 26" / 66cm
  • Functionality: Open-End
  • Qty: 1pc


  • Open Ended Zipper: This open-ended zip from YKK is perfect for adding fastenings to garments. Open Ended zipper can be opened at the end, mechanism to lock the two sides of the zipper into place, with one side being able to be separated from the other side, its an open end zipper
  • Size: YKK zips are renowned for being durable and reliable, plus they are very easy to attach. This black medium weight nylon coil zip
  • Uses: This open-ended zip from YKK is perfect for adding fastenings to a range of garments including knitwear, cardigans, sportswear, lightweight jackets and baby wear
  • Package Includes: Pack contain 1pc metal teeth zipper, enough for your daily & craft usage

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